Premier Bet Zone Tanzania

Last updated July 9, 2024

With over 200 betting shops in Tanzania, Premier Bet has decided to lend its online betting appeal to bettors. It has done this using the Premier Bet Zone Tanzania website. This article looks at the Premier Bet Zone, how it differs from the bookmaker’s leading site, and how to use Premier Bet codes.

What is the Premier Bet Zone?

The Premier Bet Zone is a website that incorporates the ease of online betting with betting in betting shops. First, a bettor makes an online prediction on the Premier Bet Zone website and then books a bet. Then they get a code, and they take it to a Premier Bet betting shop, where an operator stakes the bet.

There are a few similarities between the two websites. First, they are both from the same operator and have similar structures. The Premier Bet Zone fixtures and odds are the same as on the Premier Bet website. Also, the live betting feature is available on both websites.

However, there are a few differences between the Premier Bet and the Premier Bet Zone website. For starters, users of the Premier Zone can only book bets on the website. Also, they can’t make deposits on the Premier Bet Zone website as the staking process happens in a betting shop. This also applies to the withdrawal, as bettors can only withdraw their winnings from the betting shop.

Premier Bet Zone Tanzania Features

Even though the Premier Bet Zone Tanzania doesn’t have all the features you can see on the bookmaker’s main site, there are still a few that bettors will appreciate. Here are some of the main features.


The bookmaker still offers bonuses to bettors who use the Premier Bet Zone online. Here are some bonuses on the Premier Bet Zone website.

  • Accumulator bonus
  • Combi Insurance
  • Cash-out


You can make live bets on the Premier Bet Zone TZ website. But unlike the main website, where you can easily stake the live bets fast enough before the odds change, you can’t, for obvious reasons, with the Premier Bet Zone. This is because you have to book the bet and then head to a Premier Bet shop and have an operator stake the bet slip for you.

Bet Builder

The bet builder is one of the bookmaker’s major features. This feature allows you to build several legs in a bet slip out of a single event. So, instead of just betting on the winner in a match, you can add other markets. Such as the over/under option, the first or second half option (or set in tennis and quarter in basketball). You can increase the odds from a single game.

Betting Market

The bookmaker has kept the betting market and odds the same as the main website. So bettors can rest assured that they are getting the best deal. The bookmaker even has the option for single, accumulator or system bets. So bettors can be as creative as they want when betting with Premier Bet Zone Tanzania.

Mobile App

The Premier Bet Zone website is available in mobile and desktop versions. Also, the bookmaker offers an Android app to users. Of course, bettors can place their wagers on the Premier Bet Zone TZ website, too, and finish the process in any betting shop available.

Zone Betting

All the betting on the Premier Bet Zone follows all the terms and conditions of the bookmaker on their main site. So bettors familiar with the bookmaker can be sure that bonuses, such as the accumulator bonus and combi insurance, will work the same as when they place their bets online.

How to Claim Premier Bet Zone Bonuses?

Premier Bet Zone Tanzania still offers bonuses to bettors who use the site to book bets before taking them to the betting shops. Even though not all the bonuses on the main betting site of the bookmaker are on the Premier Bet Zone, we are going to look at some of them. Check out some of the Premier Bet Zone bonuses and promotions.

Accumulator Bonus

The bookmaker offers an accumulator bonus to bettors who use the Premier Bet Zone website. This is a bonus that adds 150% of the potential winnings of an accumulator bet. To qualify for this accumulator bonus, the bettor must place bets in the sports market.

There must be at least three games on the bet slip, and each event must be a 1.20 odd event. The bonus starts from 10% for the three games and climbs to 150% at 31 games and above.

Bet Builder

The bet builder feature helps improve the odds that a bettor can get from a single game. You can use the bet builder feature by clicking on a sporting event and turning the “Bet builder odds” slider on.

You will see all the games with several markets that you can combine in your bet slip. Make your combinations and book a bet. It is important to note that you cannot use the bet builder on all markets and events.

PremierBet Zone Bet Builder

Combi Insurance

Combi insurance is a safety net for bettors who are always let down with one game cutting their betting ticket. But to have this insurance applied to your betting ticket, you must meet some criteria. You must have at least five games on the ticket.

Furthermore, each game must be a minimum of 1.20 odds and a total combined odds of 7.50 or more for the ticket. This insurance is only useful when just one prediction doesn’t go according to plan.

Tanzania PremierBet Zone Combi Insurance


The cash out is another feature from Premier Bet to limit the bettors’ losses. This feature is very helpful when one or two games from their bet slip don’t go according to the prediction. Bettors can cash out by entering their betslip ID into the bet slip checker at the Premier Bet Zone website.

Then if you are comfortable with the cash-out value, tap the ‘Cashout Now’ button. Then you can enter the cash-out code at the bottom of your bet slip to confirm your choice. Finally, the bookmaker will provide you with a code to withdraw the money from a Premier Bet shop.

Premierbet Zone Cash Out Tanzania

Premier Bet Zone Tanzania Review: Our Opinion

Premier Bet Zone Tanzania is an innovation by Premier Bet to bridge a gap. The gap between the betting in cafes with the ease of using the website of the bookmaker. This will translate to shorter lines at betting shops, and bettors can hang out and socialize with other bettors.

The bookmaker has also provided the Premier Bet Zone with most of the bonuses also found on the main site. This is important so that bettors who use this site don’t feel left out. We think this is a step in the right direction by the bookmaker. Not only are they making betting easier, they are also making it more social, which is a win for the bookmaker and bettors.

Premier Bet Zone Tanzania FAQs

So we have fully analyzed the website, its features, and our thoughts about it. If you have more questions, you can check out some FAQs about Premier Bet Zone Tanzania.

Is Premier Bet Zone legit in Tanzania?

Yes, Premier Bet Zone is legitimate in Tanzania. Premier Bet is the company that owns the Premier Bet Zone and is fully registered and licensed to operate a sports betting site.

How to place a bet at Premier Bet Zone?

Placing a bet on Premier Bet Zone Tanzania is simple. First, you have to head to the Premier Bet Zone online website and find the games you want to place bets on. Once you’ve found the games, make your predictions, and repeat the process keeping in mind the accumulator bonus of the bookmaker. Then book your bet, take the code to a Premier Bet shop, and stake it.

What is the minimum deposit at Premier Bet Zone?

There is no minimum deposit amount at Premier Bet Zone Tanzania; as a matter of fact, you can’t deposit on the website. Premier Bet Zone is a website for booking bets and not placing bets, so there are no deposit methods and minimum deposit amounts on the Premier Bet Zone TZ website.

How to cash out at Premier Bet Zone?

You can cash out by typing your bet slip ID into the bet slip checker at the website. After confirming your cash-out value, type in the cash-out code at the bottom of your bet slip. You will get a cashout code. Then, take the code to a Premier Bet shop to withdraw the money.

How can I find fixtures at Premier Bet Zone Tanzania?

Premier Bet Zone fixtures are on the home page of the website. Also, you can head to the website, click on a sports event, and it will display the fixtures for you.